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I used to think it was some exotic African or South American potion. And for people who find the menthol scent overpowering, they have a vanishing scent variety. Edited at Bottom line is, we as consumer must read the labels. Any vote with the pocket book.

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1973 Ad, Ben-Gay Lotion for Arthritis Pain, Putting Hat on Child

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BENGAY knew mobile could not only reach its target audience at the precise moment of brand relevance, but help connect with consumers in ways not possible with other media. Wrong login or password, please try again! Within a particular set of temperature-sensitive neurons sits a protein receptor called TRPM8, which is wired to respond to cool yet not icy-cold temperatures. Cooling remedies have been used for thousands of years. Unlimited online access including articles and video, plus The Download with the top tech stories delivered daily to your inbox.

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A study published yesterday in the journal Current Biology reveals that activating a crucial protein in the skin may counteract the nerve signals associated with chronic pain brought on by nerve injury. Please provide email address you used to register with us. The group is also looking for even more effective compounds than icilin as possible active ingredients for use in a topical cream that could one day provide cooling relief for people suffering from chronic pain. Observers say the findings are promising, albeit preliminary. Different types of neurons detect different levels of temperature, pressure, and pain, sending this information to the spinal cord, and up into the brain. Wrong login or password, please try again!

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