Hormones for transsexual

If you stop taking testosterone, fat may redistribute towards its original pattern, and muscle mass may gradually decrease. The vagina may become dryer and more fragile, so if you have vaginal sex, consider adding extra lubricant. The Endocrine Society stated in that individuals should either have a documented three months of RLE or undergo psychotherapy for a period of time specified by their mental health provider, usually a minimum of three months. Testosterone changes the skin, making it thicker, and sometimes a little oilier. Which hormones feminize the body? Beards are minimally affected by hormone therapy.

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Transgender hormone therapy


This hormone is used to lower the level of testosterone produced by the body. However, self-administration of hormones is potentially dangerous. Some transgender people choose to self-administer hormone replacement medications, often because doctors have too little experience in this area, or because no doctor is available. The second requirement for undertaking hormone replacement therapy is readiness. Both gel and patch, applied daily, are efficient ways to keep testosterone levels stable. In most people, some change is noticeable after 3 months, and there is no further change after 1 year. Together, you may consider lowering your dosage of testosterone, prescribing medication, or experimenting with different washing regimes.

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Hormones encourage breast development in feminine transitioning people. For some, this is a desired effect. Some of us choose: While this standard was widely followed in the 20th century, a growing number of physicians refuse to follow the Standards of Care, insisting that they are too restrictive and that inhibiting patient access to hormone therapy does more harm than good. The DSM-IV-R lists four main criteria for a diagnosis of gender identity disorder, and also recommends that the practitioner learn the patient's sexuality. Menstruation, libido and fertility: The child must either:

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