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The middle page had a photo of that famous kiss where she leans back and her neck's exposed, and I remember from about the age of 11 opening that middle page and just staring at it and having some feelings, but I never connected it. I don't mean Laura had an easier time than Ruta or Fiona, because they sort of had to change the partners that they were, um, simulating sex with, whereas me and Laura, once we got the initial sex scene out of the way there was a trust - it was easier then. I don't know what perfume it is. She has been playing piano since she was six years old, and guitar since her teens. Did you experience lesbophobia?

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Heather Peace


I'm just a scaredy-cat about it all, to be honest. Between and , Peace played minor roles in television series including Casualty and Where the Heart Is. In the old days you used to think you couldn't play opposite a boy if you'd come out because the public wouldn't believe it. You'd either liked the show or you didn't. The buzz is phenomenal. You are currently logged in as. At that time, my grandparents were still alive and they could never be told.

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You are currently logged in as. When you did you start acting? Digital download , CD. She has been playing piano since she was six years old, and guitar since her teens. It was a mess.

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