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Perhaps a tip for players in the locker rooms after the game? And yet on the other side, in the male locker room, everyone is afraid to say no Reporters should not stare, just do your job, and don't hang around if it isn't neccessary. So was that one of those sylliogism thingy-ma-bobbers that I learned about, years ago, in a logic class? Log in Sign up now.

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It is common sense and ordinary practice that in public places naked men and women are segregated. Reporters should learn to write stories without needing to fill space with lame cliches anyway. Therefore, because "most" men want to look at naked women both stripping and in magazines and "most" women do not need to pay to see nude men, and there is a on-going and demanding market for female-oriented that is, females being depicted in the images porn whereas the demand for male-oriented STRAIGHT porn is much lower, it stands to reason that there are more female strippers than male strippers and more magazines featuring nude women than magazines featuring nude straight men. After a game, an athlete wants to get out of his uniform and have a shower. Think about this, and you may be able to understand how some of the players feel.

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Athletes should make an effort to wear robes or towels it is possible to take your underwear off while wearing a towel, I do it all the time at my swim club. Please either login here , or if you are not registered, you may register here. Seems more sensible to interview on the field immediately after the game, or some other time, but not in a locker room. Now that there are women reporters, with more of them arriving on the scene every day, the practice of locker room interviewing needs to change. But female reporters are not going to stand outside the locker room while male reporters are inside getting the scoop you can bet that male reporters would be screaming loud and hard about equal access if they weren't allowed into a women's locker room while their female counterparts were.

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