Argument against gay rights

The point is that even in contract law, the law plays only a limited role in the relationship. We will show that one can defend the conjugal view of marriage while bracketing this moral question and that the conjugal view can be wholeheartedly embraced without denigrating same-sex attracted people, or ignoring their needs, or assuming that their desires should change. In response, Justice Antonin Scalia argued that Kennedy had just eliminated any legal barrier to same-sex marriage. Kennedy argued that moral opposition to homosexuality was not a rational basis for the establishment of a law. It is the very best public argument yet presented from the defenders of marriage.

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Marginalizing the moral argument against same-sex “marriage”

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The same approach is reflected in the very best book defending natural marriage from a natural law perspective. There is no civil rights discrimination being practiced against a youngster who is not allowed the identity of a college student because she is not qualified to enter college. The idea that our laws can stand independent of moral foundation is senseless. The argument offered by Girgis, Anderson, and George will stand the test of time. But we should note this change in the rules of public debate with more than a passing interest; for the implications of this moral revolution are more vast than anyone can yet foresee.

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The same approach is reflected in the very best book defending natural marriage from a natural law perspective. It has nothing to do with civil rights. And yet it brackets the question of the morality of homosexuality. We must, however, note that the current intellectual environment has forced them to leave the moral issue behind — far behind. A homosexual relationship, regardless of how enduring it is as a bond of loving commitment, does not and cannot include sexual intercourse leading to pregnancy. Later, the authors make this statement about their argument in defense of marriage.

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