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Lu Sheng from Zegapain , who completely caught both the main character and most of the audience off guard when he openly declared his affection for the main character, Kyo, complete with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale. Judging by her behavior toward Jerin, though, she's arguably most likely bisexual. There's also an episode where Antonio unintentionally dates his favorite actor, the star of a fictional show called Austin Houston, P. Despite the fame, what do most people in the empire remember him as?

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Apollo and Midnighter from The Authority are a married gay superhero couple with very few stereotypical gay characteristics. In an early story arc of Lupo Alberto Enrico la Talpa came out as gay, surprising literally everyone , including the title character, his best friend , as not only he never hinted at it before starting to walk around with a sign declaring it but was married The Utopian from Johnny Saturn , as well as his boyfriend Lewis. The most obvious would be Ringil. D of Hedone High has been pretty ambiguous, so most fans asume he's this or Izm-sexual. Fought in his army's rebellion, gigantic, muscular, and able to carry and use a rail gun , his male lover is shown to have severe head trauma and confined to a wheelchair. Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey Jr.

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Larry from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Normally Osamu isn't particularly effeminate. Given Rawls' age mid-to-late 50s at the youngest and background working-class Irish-American cop in Baltimore , him being closeted is completely unsurprising. Scout may essentially be the same person. Kort points out that for two straight men to have a close relationship, they have to come up with a cutesie, non-threatening name for it: Brian and Steve from The Sarah Silverman Program come off much more as overweight nerds then campy gays.

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