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In fact, people don't choose their sexual orientation any more than they choose their height or eye color. They feel comfortable and secure about being attracted to people of the same gender. Once aware, some gay teens may be quite comfortable and accept their sexuality, while others might find it confusing or difficult to accept. I think the level of self-loathing with gay men is a lot higher than people think. For them, it can feel like everyone is expected to be straight.

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Why Scott Thompson is Canada's true gay national treasure


Some gay teens say they had same-sex crushes in childhood, just as their heterosexual peers had opposite-sex crushes. But many lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens who come out to their friends and families are fully accepted by them and their communities. They often feel glad that their child chose to confide in them, and are proud of their child for having the courage to tell them. But in addition, gay and lesbian teens often deal with an extra layer of stress — like whether they have to hide who they are, whether they will be harassed about being gay, or whether they will face stereotypes or judgments if they are honest about who they are. Especially for a gay man of my generation in the world today, because think of what we suffered through to get here. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter with the same obvious handle: We're just not there yet.

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And they might feel protective, worrying that others might judge or reject their child. But alas, Kathy Griffin was in town with her very not free tour, and everyone appeared to somehow prefer that. And I think it's happening again right now as we speak, so it felt like the time to unearth Buddy. It's not happening yet but I don't think people are going to be able to ignore this Buddy Cole show much longer. There's things that I tackle, but my instrument isn't as precise as Buddy's — let's just put it that way. Thompson's solution to getting there? And if their child is gay, it may bring a whole new set of questions and concerns.

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