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Recommendations for Policy and Practice http: Body composition, volumetric and areal bone parameters in male-to-female transsexual persons. Measurements of gonadotropin and sex steroid levels give precise information about suppression of the gonadal axis. Those receiving endocrine treatment who have relative contraindications to hormones e. Suppression of pubertal development and gonadal function is accomplished most effectively by gonadotropin suppression with GnRH analogs and antagonists. Tanner stages of breast and male genital development are given in Table 6.

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Long-term consequences of castration in men: Estrogen therapy can increase the growth of pituitary lactrotroph cells. Thus, it may be reasonable for MTF transsexual persons who transitioned after age 20 to have annual screening digital rectal exams after age 50 and PSA tests consistent with the U. It is therefore necessary that the clinician making the GID diagnosis be able to make a distinction between GID and conditions that have similar features, to accurately diagnose psychiatric conditions, and to ensure that any such conditions are treated appropriately. Prolactin levels and pituitary enlargement in hormone-treated male-to-female transsexuals. In biological males, when medical treatment is started in a later phase of puberty or in adulthood, spermatogenesis is sufficient for cryopreservation and storage of sperm.

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The effects of long-term testosterone administration on pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion and on ovarian histology in eugonadal female to male transsexual subjects. Because some FTM transsexual adolescents present after significant breast development has occurred, mastectomy may be considered before age Sexual functioning in post-operative transsexuals: This process of cognitive and affective learning happens in interaction with parents, peers, and environment, and a fairly accurate timetable exists for the steps in this process 4. The desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex, usually accompanied by the wish to make his or her body as congruent as possible with the preferred sex through surgery and hormone treatments.

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