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All study participants underwent a brief neurocognitive and balance examination by an examiner who was blinded to the athlete's sport. This correlation suggests a possible association between GSH, a measure of neuroinflammation, and subconcussive brain trauma, despite the fact that controls and players did not differ on TMT B. White matter integrity in the brains of professional soccer players without a symptomatic concussion. Siewior Familienstammbaum Private Member Trees. International Journal of Table Tennis Sciences 6 , 79— Neuropsychological impairment in amateur soccer players. Inclusion criteria for the soccer players were:

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Altered Neurochemistry in Former Professional Soccer Players without a History of Concussion


The correlation between TMT B and putative inflammatory biomarkers may be a reflection of the test's sensitivity to diverse neural insult. Increased GSH may be a mechanism for early compensatory or neuroprotective response to oxidative stress brought on by neuroinflammation. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to use MRS to examine possible effects of subconcussive impacts to the head in soccer players. Future studies will need to determine the role of neuroinflammation in RSHI and the effect on neurocognitive function. Our study removes the potential effects of previous concussions on brain chemistry. In the soccer players a significant increase was observed in both choline Cho , a membrane marker, and myo-inositol ml , a marker of glial activation, compared with control athletes.

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Results of this study suggest a possible association between RSHI from heading the ball in soccer, and neuroinflammation, in former professional soccer players, compared with athletic controls. Discussion This study analyzed MRS brain biochemistry and neurocognitive performance in former professional soccer players without a history of suspected or diagnosed concussion, but with an extensive history of heading the ball and associated RSHI, compared with age- and gender-matched non-contact sport athletes. Results are listed in Table 1. Color image is available online at www. The mean age when organized soccer training started was Of note, previous findings demonstrate alterations in the brain's white matter microstructure in professional soccer players even in the absence of concussive brain trauma.

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