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But Paul is clear: Watch this video for those struggling with what the Bible teaches? Living Out on facebook. Jude also highlights the nature of their sexual desires: Homosexual sin is serious.

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What does the Bible say about homosexuality?


What does the Bible say about sex? This is a serious issue. For this reason God gave them up to dishonourable passions. Four kinds relate to sexual sin, and two of those specifically to homosexual behaviour. Paul urges his readers not to be deceived on this point.

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Two important and sobering truths are apparent from these verses: Arsenokoitai , then, is a general term for male same-sex sex, and its pairing with malakoi indicates that Paul is addressing both the active and passive partners in homosexual sex. Turning to the New Testament, Romans 1 has much to say about the nature and character of homosexual behaviour. Jude 7 What happened at Sodom is clearly meant to be something of a cautionary tale. It is not the only sign, and in everyone there is no doubt more than one sign or another - but it is a sign nevertheless. The New Testament also prohibits homosexual marriage. Their desire was to have sex with the men staying with Lot.

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