Evidence of the gay gene

As both blood type and Rh factor are genetically inherited traits controlled by alleles located on chromosome 9 and chromosome 1 respectively, the study indicates a potential link between genes on autosomes and homosexuality. Archived from the original on Some studies have found correlations between physiology of people and their sexuality; these studies provide evidence which suggests that:. Study participants were interviewed using a questionnaire that asked about separation anxiety—more specifically, the distress and worry they experienced as a child in relation to being separated from a parental figure. The most recent literature from the APA says that sexual orientation is not a choice that can be changed at will, and that sexual orientation is most likely the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors

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The life of the gay gene: from hypothetical genetic marker to social reality.

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Psychological Science in the Public Interest. However, despite such tenuous provenance, the gay gene has persisted as a reference in science news, popular science writings, and in press releases and editorials about biomedical research. Is There a Role for Epigenetics? By way of analogy, the allele a particular version of a gene which causes sickle-cell anemia when two copies are present, also confers resistance to malaria with a lesser form of anemia when one copy is present this is called heterozygous advantage. Retrieved 27 January

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Two of the men who identified as heterosexual specifically denied ever engaging in a homosexual sex act. The early fixation hypothesis includes research into prenatal development and the environmental factors that control masculinization of the brain. But we as a society should challenge the notion that sexual preferences must be nonvolitional to be socially acceptable or safe from scrutiny. The biology of sexual orientation has been studied in detail in several animal model systems. They conjure up the specter of the surgical or chemical "rewiring" of gay people, or of abortions of fetal homosexuals who have been hunted down in the womb.

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