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Far from being accidents, these things characterized the very foundation of what it supposedly meant to experience gay liberation, Taken, together they formed a sexual ecology of almost incalculably catastrophic dimensions, a classic feedback loop in which virtually every factor served to amplify every other. Other men who had participated enthusiastically in the life of the ghetto had grown tired of its anonymity and inverted values. Chapter Nine Gay Male Homosexual and Sexual Behavior of Gay Males The gay male clone was not a representative male homosexual of gay liberation during the late s and early s. The latter was the passive partner in a sex act; usually this was an oral sex act. The Tragic Cost of Premature Consensus, p. The magical link was through a key term.

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For the first time for most male homosexuals, sex became easily available. Also in this section Also in this section. In a similar vein, the roughness, objectification, anonymity, and phallocentrism association with cruising and tricking expressed such macho dictates as toughness and recreational sex. Gay male homosexuals abandoned strict role separation in the sex act itself, and played both the insertive and receptive roles in anal sex. Important, too, was a shift in patterns of partnership, from diffuse systems in which a lot of gay sex was with non-gay identified partners who themselves had few contacts, to fairly closed systems in which most sexual activity was within a circle of other gay men.

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But as the stigma against homosexuality increased heterosexual men became frightened that they too might be labeled homosexual and thus were no longer willing to be participate in sexual activity with homosexual men. Rather than providing genuine liberation, gay life in the ghettos had created another sort of oppression with its pressure to conform to social expectations of what a gay man was supposed to be, believe, wear, and do. Although there were occasions when the heterosexual trade was the active insertive partner in anal sex. The cultural idea of self-gratification further encouraged these patterns, sanctioning the sexual and recreational hedonism inherent in cruising, tricking, and partying. Homosexual sexual practices include: Analingus was pronounced the champagne of gay sex, a palpable gesture of revolution. The institutions of the gay world have often made it easier for men to meet for sex than for companionship, and most long-lasting relationships accept sexual infidelity, through the word itself rings oddly.

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