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Kiba shook back and forth as Akamaru plowed his ass. Kiba was sitting on top of Akamaru, who was now just about a foot shorter then Naruto. He did have to think about his meeting with Shikamaru and how he had acted so awkwardly, asking if he had seen Kiba yet. Waving another hand sign and they were gone again. Konohamaru was the first to take off his shirt and pants. They would kiss for minutes which felt like hours, Konohamaru slipt in some tongue and Naruto opened his mouth further inviting him in.

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With a last thrust Kiba came inside of Konohamaru. Trying not to get too aroused by the girls. Naruto and Konohamaru swam to shore, asking Shino to join, which he did. Two inlove hentai guy having sex in bed. How did you sleep?

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He could see Konohamaru licking and kissing Naruto's hole, and enjoying it, while the younger boys butt was still free to use. Naruto moaned as Kiba came to his base. Leaving Naruto and Konomaru as the only ones left. His member started to harden. Kiba raised his head up from Naruto's dick, and said, "you taste good Naruto. Naruto continued kissing Konohamaru, who let some cute moans out enjoying their kiss. With a little tying and blushing from Hinata it finally succeeded.

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